Clear Natural Jojoba

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Nature's great copy of skin's own moisturiser. - the wax part of sebum.  Yes, your skin's main hydration agent is sebaceaous wax, not an oil or cream.  It seals & binds moisture. That's why clear jojoba penetrates immediately & moisturises completely.

Our clear jojoba is pure jojoba - no plant residue or allergens - odourless & tasteless.  It doesn't sting eyes, lips or broken skin!. So, it can be applied to sensitive areas. And, it doesn't smear off onto clothing.

We clarify raw australian jojoba in-house using edible clay - it's a filtering process, no chemicals are used.  It's uniquely australian sourced & fresh processed.

Plus, it removes all eye make-up - without any irritation!

And, very suitable for - dermatitis, eczema & psoriasis!

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